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"Each and every visit, Newson healthcare is caring and professional. Same day appointments are a blessing. As you know it is pollen season, I called this morning booked my appointment and already feeling better. 😊 Sandra Newson and her team are awesome."

R. Kent

"I can’t thank you enough for the special, excellent care you have provided and for the unique gift you are to your patients . I’m blessed that you are my doctor !! I have great confidence in you and your team. Thank you so much for the great care."

T. Love

I think she's the best!! She doesn't judge, she treats.. she's very easy to talk to and talks to you like she's just a normal everyday person like the rest of us.. my insurance doesn't cover me going here but when I was without, she was the most affordable in town.. if you can't pay for additional testing such as strep etc.. her knowledge can usually confirm what it is and treats as such.. she was great with my grandbaby!! I highly recommend

Dr. Sandra Newsom has been my family’s PCP since moving to the area. She is personable, knowledgable, and she truly cares about her patients. She has walked with me through breast cancer, and countless other issues. She’s the best, and we are grateful to have her here in Horn Lake. Bree and her entire staff are so caring. Thankful and grateful for them!

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